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Currently a college student. Formally a baby.

soccerandlulz said: that sounds about right

How is that possible!?

beggar-to-beggar-cried said: First off, how many G’s of data are you allotted? And ALWAYS close out apps when you’re done!

300MB? Should I upgrade to the 1G? I’m guessing I should. I’m used to doing that in my iPad so I’m really good at closing apps when I’m not using them.

WHEN I FELL ASLEEP YESTERDAY IHAD USED 168MB OF DATA AND I JUST LOOKED AND IVE USED 217! I woke up an hour ago and have been on my iPad the whole time! I don’t understand!

Iphone peeps I need you again

Alright so I turned my phone on at like noon yesterday.

-Immediately turned on wifi (because that doesn’t use data, right?)

-Listened to spotify a little (literally like 2 songs)

-Watched one youtube video

-Facetimed my friend (this was not on wifi. I was coming back from Daytona to Orlando. We talked for 5 minutes max)

-Came home, back on wifi, charged the bitch

-Left the house and forgot my phone because I’m a dingus. I was gone for like 3 hours

-Came home and went on tumblr and Facebook (using wifi at this point)

-Got an email saying I had used more than half my data already.

I have been on wifi the entire day minus the hour that it took me to get home and I googled something and then face timed for 5 minutes and that was it.

How have I already almost maxed out my data?


having “feelings” is ruining my reputation of being a heartless bitch 


can’t wait to own dogs with u

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